What is Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is making use of different social networking sites to promote your products, services and to build your brand.

Who uses Social Media?

All businesses should use social media marketing! If you want to grow your business and market to an online customer base then this is essential.

Why use Social Media Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), attract the attention of the larger Internet Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for example..

If the world is not aware of your business, then it can’t be found or seen so Social Media attracts customers. If a customer knows about your business, they can in turn tell other people about your business and by word of mouth the message will spread.

Social Media Marketing is the Internets’ Word-of-Mouth and the Internet is Enormous! If you apply Social Media Marketing properly, existing and new customers will come to you before they use a search engine.

How to use Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an investment of time and money. This is where relationships with your customers are built. It is vital to plan and budget your company’s social networking activities and determine your goals and strive to meet them?

Use it to drive traffic to your website and ensure that customer complaints can be addressed quickly and effectively. Focus on one goal at a time and add new ones as you move along.

Where to use Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can be time-consuming, but you can outsource this work. It is important to know who your niche market is, be specific and do your research. Where do your clients meet, how much time do they have? Are they professionals? Use the sites where your target audience gathers

When to use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Marketing

Use Social Media consistently and post updates and news on a daily basis. People want to have a consistent communication from you. Company blog posts, as often as you feel is needed. Maintenance is of crucial importance. People want to know that you care, so don’t stop updating.

Only reach out when you have something of value to offer. Do not add clutter to customer timelines and feeds. You will lose followers. “Something valuable” does not mean a well-priced product. Social networking is all about engagement. Ask questions, give advice, be clever and then you offer your well-priced product.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Social networking is people talking to people, so show your humanity. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Marketing rely on social networking. Your business needs to show that it cares about the people it networks with.

Social Media Marketing is not an exact science so experiment and track your results if possible. Determine how much explicit advertising your target audience can accept as part of your Social Media campaign. What works for one business, may not work for another.

The Internet is always changing, so evaluate, re-evalute and then adapt. If an Social Media strategy is no longer working for you, try something new.