Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

The induction of social media to the world we live in, has brought a multitude of benefits to all that subscribe to them. The internet, specifically, has been one of the greatest inventions of the modern era and has totally changed the way things are done. For firms to increase their visibility around the world, all they need to do is click a mouse button. In addition to this, social networking has changed the way in which organizations approach their target market. Of the various social media networks, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has been amongst the forerunners to help small businesses increase their sales and visibility on the internet.

Facebook is the largest social networking platform and has close to a billion people that has subscribed to it. The fact that Facebook attract such great numbers, gives enough web traffic for any organization that markets its products and services through this media. This allows for great internet visibility even for start up businesses. Using any of these social networks, the advertiser can target a very specific niche market.

Twitter ensures members of the public to freely share tweets on various topics and activities in which they are engaged.   This allows business to tweet their products, services and value and have members of the public follow what these businesses are doing and kept updated.

LinkedIn is designed mostly for professionals. It enables professionals to share their profiles and resumes and can be accessed by potential employers in various sectors of the economy. This allows a proper link between employers and job seekers. Small enterprises can use this platform to increase the visibility of their offering amongst professionals.

QR codes are machine readable codes which are generated using some website platforms. This enables users to access further information about commodities. Users should have QR code readers enabled in order to read such content. Businesses use this platform to direct readers to access the original source file for further information about their products and services.

YouTube allows users to access video clips for free. Enterprises can use this platform to ensure that they drive traffic to their websites. It also keeps their items of sale visible to the many web surfers. YouTube is owned by Google and is the largest in the industry in distributing short videos.

Google Plus is a development of Google and is aimed as competition to Facebook. It has similar Features as Facebook and enables users to share content over the internet. Enterprises can use this tool to reach their clients. They can invite all their clients to their network and start sharing important information.

Google ad words promotes websites using keywords. This is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique aimed at making sites appear among the first results in search engines. They increase the number of website users by increasing the number of clicks in these sites. Businesses can use this technique in driving traffic to their websites. Social media marketing tools for small and start up businesses still continue to dominate the market since many are designed just for this purpose.

Social networking has revolutionized the way online firms approach their target market. Various social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more help in improving the visibility of online businesses and uplift their sales.

Studies have proven that 42% of online firms find Facebook as a vital tool for the success of their business. Furthermore, 93% of the famous brands have Instagram account and they regularly update the snaps of their products and services on it. Even 41% of Google+ users interact with their favorite brand. The given data is the consolidated result of the research done.

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